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Given the long and successful history of car manufacture, a move away from the modern hi-tech vehicles of today to a mechanically driven carriage - as found in the early days of automobile design - would appear from a technical point of view to be a backwards step. And at first sight it may also seem to be flying in the face of common sense. That was exactly the intention of German entrepreneur Roland Belz.

As an enthusiastic rider and carriage driver he want to contribute to emotional rather than purely technical progress, enabling more people who love truly special things to discover and enjoy the luxury of a slower pace of life. For that reason, Roland Belz, together with a team of dedicated staff, has invested an enormous amount of passion and expense over 2 years in the development of a mechanically-driven carriage: the original Aaglander. The company AAGLAND Manufaktur was set up with that sole purpose. Its headquarters and production workshops are based in the old financial buildings of Schloss Kuhlenfels, in an idyllic location in the Franken region of Germany, between the three city cities of Nurnberg, Bayreuth and Bamberg.

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