Ford Introduces 63.6 MPG ECOnetic Diesel Fiesta... Only in Europe

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic photo

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic Diesel
At the British International Motor Show, Ford has introduced the ECOnetic version of its Ford Fiesta. The engine is a 1.6-liter Duratorq TDCi (diesel) that has been tweaked for efficiency. Fuel economy for the ECOnetic Fiesta is 3.7 L/100km (63.6 mpg US) combined, or 3.2 L/100km (73.5 mpg US) on the highway! It's not exactly a race car, with 0 to 60 mph in 12 seconds, but those who will buy it won't care, the mileage will more than make up for it.

Fuel Saving Tricks
The ECOnetic Fiesta uses a bunch of tricks to reduce fuel consumption, things like improved aerodynamics (its coefficient of drag is 0.33), weight reduction, low rolling resistance tires, and enhanced lubrication. Simple enhancements that could be used on most cars.

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic photo

Bad News and Good News
The ECOnetic Fiesta would undoubtedly be a big hit in the USA (especially with the biodiesel crowd), but unfortunately, Ford will only sell them in Europe for now. They have plans to bring the Fiesta to the US market, but probably not before about a year and a half (come on!). There's also a chance that other Euro-models will come to the North-American market under the Mercury brand, probably manufactured in re-tooled truck and SUV factories.

It is also not clear if only the regular Fiesta will come to the US or if the ECOnetic version will too. At least it is coming, but Ford could probably sell a ton of them if it only hurried up a bit. If they wait too long, who knows what their competitors will have on the market by then.

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic photo

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