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GMC 2010

GMC 2009
Sierra Hybrid Crew Cab

GMC 2008
Yukon Hybrid
Denali XT Concept

GMC 2007
Yukon XL
Yukon Denali
Sierra Denali
Sierra Classic
Sierra 3500 HD SLT Crew Cab
Sierra 2500 HD SLT Extended Cab

GMC 2005
Sierra Denali 1500 Crew Cab
Graphyte Concept
Envoy XL Denali
Envoy Denali

Gemballa is a company based in Leonberg near Stuttgart, Germany, which was founded by, and named after, Uwe Gemballa in 1981.

They provide aftermarket parts mainly for Porsche.

A 600 hp (450 kW) car held the lap record for road cars at the Nürburgring in the late 1990s once, and again in 2001 when Wolfgang Kaufmann lowered it to 7:32,52 min. It was since beaten by a Porsche Carrera GT, by less than a second.

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