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Bentley Car Models

Bentley 2010:
Continental Supersports
• Continental GTC Speed
• Continental GTC

Bentley 2009:
• Continental GT
• Continental Flying Spur Speed
• Continental Flying Spur
• Azure T
• Arnage Final Series

Bentley 2008:
• GTZ Zagato Concept
• Bentley Continental GT Speed
• Bentley Brooklands

Bentley 2007:
• Arnage

Bentley 2006:
• Continental GTC
• Azure

Bentley 2005:
• Continental Flying Spur
• Arnage T
• Arnage R
• Arnage Limousine
• Arnage Drophead Coupe
• Arnage Blue Train Series

Bentley 2003:
• Continental R 
• Continental GT 
• Azure Final Series 
• Arnage RL

Bentley 2002:
• State Limousine
• EXP Speed 8
• Continental T
• Continental GT Prototype

Bentley 2001:
• EXP Speed 8
• Azure

Bentley 2000:
• Arnage Red Label

Bentley 1992:

Bentley 1977:
• T2

Bentley 1966:
• T1

Bentley 1956:
• S1 Continental

Bentley 1955:
• S1

Bentley 1950:
• R-Type

Bentley 1937:
• Embiricos 

Bentley Motors was founded by W.O. Bentley in 1919 when the first Bentley engine burst into life at New Street Mews, London. From these modest beginnings, W.O’s company went from strength to strength through the 1920s, with an evolving series of acclaimed motor cars and a parade of racing triumphs to prove their outstanding performance. These laurels were capped with five outright victories at Le Mans between 1924 - 1930 and a sixth in 2003.

If we had mission statements in those days, it could not have been expressed more eloquently than in the words of W.O. himself, “To build a good car, a fast car, the best in class”.

These words are just as relevant today as they continue to inform our beliefs, actions and ambitions for the future. Located in Crewe, England since 1946 and owned since 1998 by Volkswagen AG, Bentley Motors is dedicated to making responsive and powerful Grand Tourers with the stamina to cross continents at pace, and drive in refined comfort and style.

The history of Bentley reads like a thriller. From the moment W.O. Bentley’s 3-litre engine burst into rumbustious life in 1919 to the roars that greeted the Le Mans triumphs of 2003, the ride of fate and fortune of the legendary marque has been a roller-coaster of daring visions, extraordinary characters, narrow escapes, near peril, breathtaking comebacks and glittering achievements.

It’s a story as passionate as the dedication that’s required to build a car as elegant as the Arnage or a coupe as stunning at the Continental GT. It’s a story as exhilarating as the performance of every vehicle graced with the winged B.

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