Review for Ford Fiesta 2011

Previously, we have reported about that unique virtual manual from Hyundai Equus featuring its first ever iPad App to guide its users on just about everything including added goodies like service scheduler, vehicle locator, etc. Today, it seems we already have a new contender from Ford revealing its Sync Applink exclusively for Ford Fiesta owners.

ford sync applink Ford Sync Applink: Download and Review for Ford Fiesta 2011    Soon for iPhone and Android!

Unlike the ones from Equus whereas it’s just an interactive manual in which you need to download it from the App store, this Sync Applink runs through the Ford Fiesta itself were Ford claims that it will also be compatible with RIM, Android and iPhone devices on the second quarter of 2011. This App features a lot and at a glance, it virtually transforms your ride into a very futuristic type of vehicle including functions like free voice control over the apps, access to Pandora / Stitcher and OpenBreak radio apps plus many more. If you are interested, you can download this one now under the free Applink download (Update and Customize section). Installation should be easy and this resides on the USB of a particular phone you would want to use. Later on, it was revealed by Ford’s PR team that Sync App Link would be available on other series of Ford Vehicles aside from the 2011 Fiesta.

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